Current progress and your wishes

We develop a pumped VR grindhouse. These are our principles. 

1. Dodge is crucial thing in the present state of VR. 

2. Player must feel the flow.  

3. Add some toys to play with. 

4. Make the protagonist alive at once. And put an irony in the game. 

Here are some moments of the game:

  • gif 1 - quick shooting workout 
  • gif 2 - dodge
  • gif 3 - melee combat
  • gif 4 - zombie girl
  • gif 5 - molotov cocktail power-up
  • gif 6 - fireworks power-up
  • gif 7 - fatty 
  • gif 8 - tank

We plan to add survivors (they will be the ones if you'll save them), new locations (this truck gonna hit the road), new enemies (vampire charmer, zombiemancer, puppies and gargouille) and new power-ups (flash cola, hand-bait). 

What do you think? What features should the perfect VR archery game have? Post a comment and wishlist us on Steam!

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Jul 14, 2017

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